Our Services Fobbs & Walker provides a variety of services to fit your needs.

Operational Planning

Implementation plans to reach target goals – making your vision a reality!

At Fobbs & Walker, we actively collaborate with you to develop and deliver a process designed to meet the unique goals and needs of your organization with a dedication and commitment to help your organization excel. Our receptive and adaptive management approach allows us to design an action plan that navigates your organization through a process on how to achieve your target goals through strategic planning, performance measurement, process evaluation, and tracking.

Communications and Marketing Strategies – Let’s get the word out!

Our creative team offers various products to help your organization achieve objectives of marketing through the well-coordinated use of different promotional methods. We help get the word out! Our promotional materials create powerful marketing tools that will assist you as you start your new organization, initiative or program. Each organization is different and we will create a package that is right for you!

Project Administration & Management Services

Project Analysis & Implementation Services – Don’t have time or money to waste? We’ll help guide you to efficiency!!

At Fobbs & Walker, we use a workflow model to ensure the success of your program or initiative. Our team of professionals will help analyze your business needs and identify best practices and management methodologies to achieve your goals. We will define objectives and the deliverables of the project, plan your organization’s implementation, look at the total picture and deploy the solution across the organization and measure the success of the program at specific intervals.

Social and Community Based Program & Initiative Development Services- Put your idea and passion into action!

The start-up process of a program or an initiative can be an overwhelming process. Let our experts at Fobbs & Walker assist you in your start-up! Whether you are a grassroots organization and need direction in developing a program or an established organization looking to take on new initiatives, we use a logic model that is highly integrated with your organization’s mission and vision to assist in the process of program and initiative development. Our program and initiative development process will assist your organization to specify goals, identify what resources are needed, identify indicators of progress and measurement of success, and discover the program’s potential value. We specialize in both local and statewide programs in the areas of Education, Health & Wellness, and Foster Care to name a few. We will provide you with support and services to take your idea to the next level!

Our Process

A consultation provides an opportunity for your organization and our team to discuss your organization’s views, needs and desires. A consultation takes place before any decisions are made; we want you to feel comfortable with who we are and what we offer to ensure that we fit your needs. Our company, offers a variety of professional services and products that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We pride ourselves on creating professional lasting relationships with our clients in order to make distinctive connections with your ideal organizational plan. A typical consultation session involves meeting with a member of our team of experts to identify and discuss your organizational goals, needs, budget and advice on which services or products that will be most beneficial to your organization.